Classic Newtons Cradle

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Product Description
Swingin' Desk Toy, Newtonian demonstrator for science teachers. Mindless play for the rest of us. This is a shiny, nicely balanced, high-performance example of the classic Newton's Cradle, a ball on one end of a row of (5) suspended, barely touching balls swings into the others, and the ball at the opposite end reacts to the collision. The 11/16" diameter balls in this small version (all-metal frame 6-1/2" high x 4" x 4-1/4") will collide more than 30 times. Awesome.


- Fascinating and educational desk toy

- Showcases a nicely balanced cradle
- Features suspended balls that react to collision
- Great for demonstrators and teachers

The clacking of the steel balls will keep you entertained throughout the day

- Pull back one or more of the balls, release them

-Same number of balls will swing up on the opposite

- Miniature set of balance balls is fun for the office

- Makes a great desktop gift


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