The Cardigan


The cardigan is historically a very manly garment and over the past few decades has lost its manly touch. This is unfortunately a shame due to the fact that the cardigan is a great addition to the mans wardrobe. The cardigan has come to be associated with scholars and academics, but is now a uni-sex garment. Now that women wear the cardigan it is not seen as much of a manly piece to add to your wardrobe. Although this is the case, we are going to break down why it is that you need to stop worrying about what others think of the cardigan and begin rocking it on a regular basis. Here are 5 reasons why and how to rock the cardigan:


Can Be Formal


The versatility of the cardigan is impressive. You can wear the cardigan with a suit, with a tie, or just with a shirt. It will surely class up whatever outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing the cardigan with a suit you will want it to fit snugly therefore it will fit under your jacket. Also, with any article you put on you will want to ensure it matches everything else you are wearing.


Look Distinguished


If you are going to just rock the cardigan, which is a fantastic look, then you will look like a daper and distinguished individual. This is a great option if you are a professor or a TA at a university and need to distinguish yourself from the students, but it is also a great option if you want to dress well. Going for a cardigan with buttons is preferable to one with a zipper, as it is a classier style. Keep this in mind when selecting your first cardigan and as with most things classic and simple is the best.




The cardigan is a classic staple of the mans wardrobe. It goes as far back as the Kings of England and has provided much style. Adding this classic piece to your wardrobe is an example of your class, and being able to dominate a classic style.




The flexibility of the cardigan is one of the many reasons one should incorporate it into the wardrobe. The cardigan can be worn for 3 seasons, as it will provide warmth on its own in the spring and fall, as well as be an additional layer in the cold winters. By providing warmth it is serving two purposes as functional and stylish. This allows for great value for your money.


Wear Like a Man


How you wear the cardigan is important such that you show off your style. You will want to wear the cardigan with the last button open like you would a sport coat. Also, wearing the top button or two open is a must as well. Having these buttons open will show others you not only rock the cardigan, but you can do it in great style.


With your new cardigan style guide it is time to go out and wear the ever classic and stylish cardigan.

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  • David Linder