What Your Pants Say About You


The latest trend in mens fashion is the coloured pants. Blue pants, orange pants, red pants, black pants. The difficult thing to wonder is which pants look good and are in style. It is just too difficult to keep up on all the different colours when you thought jeans were great for everything. So what is it that your are supposed to do? The answer to that is simple, wear them all. Choose all pant colours and have an array of them. You will thank yourself for it because you will show people you are bold. Bold with colour. Because you are now wearing pants of colour, lets see what those colours say about you.




You are electric and ready for anything. You skydive, bungee jump, and wrestle alligators. When people hang with you, they better buckle their seat belts because its going to be a wild ride. When you wear these pants out, you can bet people will know you are a big fat party animal.




In orange pants you will be sitting at the head of the table. Always hanging with people and getting the group together. When these pants are on you are a socialising machine and everybody wants to be around you.




Blue pants bring the inner peace. These pants give you the unwavering ability to please your self and not have the need to satisfy others. You are on track to personal domination. These pants will make you feel cool, calm, and collected.




Simple, clean, what you see is what you get kind of man. There is no need to get fancy and extravagant. Cold beer and a sausage make you happy, as well as a pretty lady. Taking care of the essentials and letting the rest fall into place is how you roll.




If your wearing green youre a lover not a fighter. If you are rocking the St. Pattys day green then you are sharing the love and feeling the love. Nobody is bringing you off this cloud and they better be getting with the program.




Power, control, and getting stuff done. That is what you are about in these bad boys. You are rocking the business meeting during the day and conquering the social scene at night. You are the powerhouse, and make no mistake, you do have all the answers.




So you got your merlot pants on. You will probably be seen with some wine because it matches, nothing wrong with that. You will also be thinking outside the box and seeing how you will change the world next. You are the guy who has a different point of view. There is no need to conform when there are many ways to solve a problem.


With your next time out it would be a wise decision to get yourself a pair of pants that have a great colour to them. Let this be the guide to your next purchase to let everybody know what you are all about.

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  • David Linder