Boxers vs. Briefs


The age old debate of boxers vs. briefs has been around since the dawn of time. The argument is freedom or support? This is a difficult decision men have been dealing with with no truthful answers. Some even say what underwear you wear says a lot about you. So much pressure to make the right decision and you dont want to be seen as a fuddy duddy in your tightey whiteys. You also dont what to have to jog in your gym shorts in your boxers (guys can relate to this problem). So if your needing to get the pair of underwear to end the age old debate that plagues us all, then you need the solution of the boxer brief. The boxer brief is a miraculous invention which puts support and comfort all into one pair of underwear. You can go for a jog, and interview in the same pair (you may want multiple pairs). You can go out to the club and not worry about where the night takes you, because you are rocking style, comfort, and support. Here is why you need to change to boxer briefs:




The boxer brief is a snug boxer that provides a nice fit with the ability to manoeuvre. The ability to manoeuvre is key, whether you are working out, walking to work or class, or just lounging around. The ability for the boxer briefs to conform to all different parts of your body is essential to make it through a comfortable day. The boxer briefs also do not bunch at the waist band seeing as they are snug to your legs, as well as they are not so tight that they cut off circulation. These will surely make your day far more comfortable and enjoyable.




Support is key for those that are the athletic type, as well as if there is any plan of walking around throughout the day. With being snug around the legs, and conforming to your manly physique, you are sure to get the most support without an over restrictive pair of underwear. The support and comfort ratio can not be matched with other styles of underwear.




The most stylish of the underwear types on the market has to be the boxer brief. When the point in time comes that you might be removing clothing, the form fitting aspect of the boxer brief will surely be flattering to your body. Also, there is nothing that says you know what you want, more than the boxer brief. This is because you know you want the perfect combination of comfort, style, support.




The beauty of the boxer brief is the range of colours that you can get them in. You will definitely want to get a pair of red, the power colour, and it is said that feeling powerful begins at the underwear. Knowing you are ready to tackle anything will change your outlook on the day. Also, by having coloured underwear, they will inevitably last longer due to the fabric used for white tends to not be as well made.


This is why men should be wearing the boxer brief to live a comfortable and supported day.

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  • David Linder