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Have you been asked what time it is lately? Chances are good that you have. Chances are also good that you pulled out your phone in order to check the time. This is not good. It is even worse if you did this with a watch on. Time should be checked on a proper timepiece and that is it. The only time you should check the time from your pocket is if you are rocking an old school pocket watch. Since you are most likely on the wrist watch program this is where it should be checked. If you do not have a watch to check the time then it is probably a wise decision to get one. There are only a few essential items to a mans daily wardrobe and one of those is a watch. The other is a belt. Every man needs a watch and a belt, which are two items that are essential and let others know a lot about you.


The Watch


A watch lets people know that you have a touch of class. At the end of the day you are a classic mans man and you know what time it is. You are definitely not going to be late to pick her up, this is because your spectacular time piece will not allow it. Also, she can be sure you wont get her home late. You are a guy who stays in good graces so you get a second chance. A watch also lets people know you've read a book recently. How you ask? Because classy guys who wear a watch are educated and read books. They want to impress people and be valued for the things they can accomplish. Also, if you have a great watch, you may even be flying planes. Yes that watch just might direct you out of a canyon on your next aviation trip. These are things wearing a watch will say about you.


The Belt


The belt is essential for as many functioning reasons, as style. You first an foremost need a belt to hold your pants up, because you definitely are not a guy who wears pants at his knees. You are a guy who wears pants that fit. The belt could also have a great buckle that could possibly open beer, which is another perk of wearing a belt. The belt is essential in matching with your shoes. A belt that doesn't match the shoes is not a belt worth wearing, and we've already decided a belt is essential for a man to wear. The belt is essential to keep your pants in place as well as match your shoes, and is a must in the day to day wearing.


Now armed with the essential items a man should wear you can tackle the day. With a watch and a belt you can be confident you are going to land that job, make that sale, or just generally dominate your day. Gentleman, lets put the watch and belt on and make it happen.

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  • David Linder