How a T-Shirt Should Fit - the 3 Important Areas


How a T-Shirt Should Fit - the 3 Important Areas

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt right? Well, yes but the difference between a well fitting and an ill fitting t-shirt can be the difference between a flattering look that gets those pleasant double takes from the ladies, and an unflattering look that gets the unwanted screwed-up-face double-takes.

Read on to learn the 3 important areas of how a t-shirt should fit.

For a t-shirt to look good you need to wear it in a certain way - particularly if you carry a bit of extra weight - it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a t-shirt but you need to wear it wisely.

Area #1: Around the Neck

A t-shirt is a casual item. This doesn’t mean that it should look sloppy and won’t do you any favours if it does. However, it also shouldn’t be too tight around the neck - this just doesn’t look cool and it’s uncomfortable and restricting.

Either a v-neck or a crew neck is fine. With a v-neck the maximum length of the V should be no longer than 1 inch above nipple height. You don’t want to look like Saturday Night Fever!

Area #2: The torso

Anything too baggy and you won’t be taken seriously but anything too tight and you risk coming off as arrogant. That said how tight you have it will depend somewhat on your physique.

If you have a fit looking torso you can get away with a slightly tighter t-shirt to accentuate your physique. However, this isn’t an invitation to go skin tight - this will just make it look like you are showing off.

As a rule there should be around 3-4 inches (8-10cm) of fabric that pulls away when you lightly pull around the stomach area. This should be enough to hide any extra bits but still outline the shape of the body in a flattering way.

Area #3: The Shoulders/Sleeves

The seam on the shoulder should be sitting at the width of the shoulder. To far past the point of the shoulder and you will look like you have bad posture. Too close to the neck and you will give away an appearance of having narrow shoulders.

The sleeves should be loose enough so that there is air flow but not so loose that they billow. Again if your physique allows it your sleeves can go tighter - just not too tight. You don’t want it digging into your bicep and you don’t want to come across as a tool.


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  • David Linder