How to Stay Fashionable Whilst Layering Clothing in Cold Weather


How to Stay Fashionable Whilst Layering Clothing in Cold Weather

Layering clothing in cold weather makes sense. When you are outside you will need that extra insulation to stay warm - but when you move inside, particularly when the heating is cranked up, you are going to get very hot very quickly.

So the extra layers not only keep you warmer, they are also practical in the sense that you can remove or add layers to stay at a comfortable temperature indoors and out.

But How to Stay Fashionable with All Those Layers?

O.k. so layering in winter is certainly practical - but you also don’t want to look like a bloated seal! And you want to remain stylish.

Colour-wise, try to stick to a maximum of three complimentary colours. At least one neutral colour (black, white, grey) will help here.

You can still wear shirts and t shirts in the winter if you are smart about it. You can save warmth in other ways such as:

  • Wearing a base layer: A polypropylene or merino wool undergarment will keep you warm with very little bulk. You can wear a shirt and a good winter coat over this and stay warm - particularly if you;


  • Wear a scarf and beany: These layers do a great job of keeping you warm (especially the beanie as you lose a lot of body heat through your head - why not trap it in there and save that heat) and they are easy to remove once you are indoors.


Just remember that these are visible items so (keeping to the three complimentary colour rule) these will count towards your colours.


  • Wear warm socks: Merino wool socks or other warm socks will allow you to have fewer layers elsewhere. Like the head, a lot of body heat is lost through the feet.


  • Invest in a good winter coat: A good quality winter coat will keep you warm without the need for too many layers underneath.

Following these guidelines you can stay warm outside and not have too much that you have to take off once you are inside. It also means that you can continue to wear fashionable items to keep that look even when staying warm is the first priority.

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  • David Linder