First Date Attire for Men - What to Wear to Make the Right First Impression


First Date Attire for Men - What to Wear to Make the Right First Impression

So you’ve just met a new girl (or guy) and you want to make a good first impression. Maybe you met her online; maybe a friend introduced you (or is introducing you with a blind date). However you got into this position, it’s a good one.

But what you wear could very well leave a lasting impression and influence whether or not there is a second date. The first date attire for men is very important - trust me, she notices what you are wearing and will talk about it to her friends after the date - either in a good way or a bad way!

We want to make sure it’s in a good way.


This is a date not a funeral so all black is out of the question - unless she is Goth, then it may go down o.k.

All white is also definitely out of the question - you don’t want her to think you are trying to convert her to your cult!

Beige, off white or anything like that is also a big no-no. You definitely don’t want to come across as boring - that’s just not going to be attractive and won’t give you much hope of a second date.

A bit of colour on a first date is important - but it’s also important to be subtle - highlighter pinks and greens should remain in the 80’s!


Jeans are always your safest bet in my opinion (unless you plan on taking her to a fine dining restaurant with a no jeans dress code). You won’t look too formal but Jeans are sexy.

You’ll want to find the right jeans though. Too baggy says juvenile, too tight says wanna be. And even if you love that pair of torn or bleached jeans, give them a rest on the first date.

At the same time you don’t want them to be too “straight”. It will come across as geeky and boring if you have too-loose-a-fit straight legged boring jeans. Wear something with a bit of shape and a bit of style.


The stripy dress shirt is overdone on first dates so leave this for work. You want to stand out a little bit from all the other first dates who all wear Khakis and stripy shirts. Find something that is stylish, fits well and is a little bit different to what she might be used to seeing - just make sure you are comfortable and confident in whatever you go with.  


No flashy brands

As much as you may think she will be impressed Hugo Boss, or Armani, she will not. Changes are, unless you Kanye West you will just look ridiculous. Turning up on a bate in expensive branded clothing will just make you look dick, and that's a fact. Ok, so you might get away with a pair of Nike Trainers, so long are they are classy not too in your face (think air max).


Wear a watch

Doesn't matter which one, so long as it goes with your outfit. Wearing a watch gives a sense of sophistication and importance, the ladies love it. Studies have also shown just wearing a watch can tap into their unconscious minds and make you want them more, think about it, their farther wore a watch, they looked up to them and respected them. You want the girl to look up to you and respect you? Wear a watch.

Look at the Mean Threads watch collection, they start at just £6.20 and there are some really classy pieces.



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  • David Linder