The Best Fashion Tips for Large Men


The Best Fashion Tips for Large Men

Let’s face it we don’t all fit the “classic” men’s shape. Some of us have a bit of extra padding and whilst this can be frustrating fashion-wise (the latest fashions are typically aimed at the slimmer variety of man) it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be fashionable.

The following fashion tips for large men should help you to get on the right track.

Tip #1: Fit

The right fit becomes even more important when you are carrying a bit of extra weight. If you have 6 pack abs and a chiselled chest then there’s more you can get away in terms of fit. But if you’ve got some extra bumps here and there you will need to pay more attention to fit.

A good fit can work to flatter your shape and hide any of the bits that you don’t want accentuated. A bad fit, on the other hand, can make you look worse than you actually are.

Overly baggy clothes make you look bigger than you are - you need your clothes fitted - not tight, but fitted.

Tip #2: Keep Your Shirt Un-tucked when You Can

A tucked in shirt can accentuate your waist line - especially if the fit isn’t quite right. There may be situations where this isn’t necessarily possible (like work for example) but when you do get the chance, having the shirt un-tucked may take some of the focus off the mid section.

Tip #3: Wide Collar

If you have a wide face, then try to get shirts with wide collars to compliment it.

Tip #4: Replace your Belt with Suspenders

Having a rounded mid section can make it difficult to wear a belt. The belt either slips down and the belly hangs over the top of it - or you wear your pants too high to keep the belt up and you get that granddad look.

Suspenders are back in vogue and aren’t the geeky item they used to be. And they solve the problem of the rogue belt!





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  • David Linder