Tips for Matching Ties with Shirts


Tips for Matching Ties with Shirts

So you need clothes for work, or for that formal occasion, and you need to wear a shirt and tie. But what tie should you wear, and which shirt should you match it against? Read on to learn some tips for matching ties with shirts.

If you nail this you will look and feel professional and sharp - if you get it wrong you can look a bit silly.

With Plain Shirts

Plain shirts allow you variety in terms of the pattern of the tie - and the colour, depending on the colour you go with.

The plain white shirt is the most versatile and easiest to match of all. Virtually any colour will go with a white shirt so you can’t go too wrong. If it’s a plain (non patterned shirt) then the pattern you go with is down to taste.

But of course you don’t have to stick to white. Blue is another great option that is versatile. With a blue shirt go with a different shade of blue or with a dark red or maroon tie.

Or you could switch those colours around and go with a dark red or maroon shirt and either a different shade of red or a blue tie.

In general if you go with two colours make sure they are complimentary - otherwise go with a different shade of the same colour or go for a neutral coloured tie.

If you also need a jacket to go with the ensemble then you will need to pay attention to the pattern and colour of the jacket too - but that’s for another article.  

With Patterned Shirts

It gets a little trickier with patterned shirts.

Keeping in mind that colours should be complimentary or neutral, you can go with a striped or checked shirt and a non patterned tie or a tie with its own patterns.

The non patterned tie is easiest to pull off with the patterned shirt but if you want to go with the patterned tie (can work really well) make sure that the patterns don’t clash with the shirt’s pattern.


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  • David Linder