How a Shirt Should Fit - 5 Things to Pay Attention To


How a Shirt Should Fit - 5 Things to Pay Attention To

How a shirt fits you will determine whether you look sloppy and slouchy or sharp and snappy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shirt for casual wear or a formal occasion; a shirt that fits well can emphasize the positives and not draw attention to any negatives in physique - and can be the difference between looking great - and not so great.

There are a range of different body types so getting the shirt fit right does often require a bit of fore-thought. Check out the 5 most important things to pay attention to for how a shirt should fit.

Shirt Fitting Tip #1: Shoulders

The seam of the sleeve of the shirt should meet the corner of your shoulder. If this is too big it will make you look slouchy, even if you aren’t slouching.

Shirt Fitting Tip #2: Sleeve Width

The width of your sleeve at the seam (at the shoulder) should be wide enough so that it does not cut into your underarm but not so wide that it lifts the shirt too much when you raise your arms.

Shirt Fitting Tip #3: Torso

The shirt should fit around your torso well but not tight - for comfort and style’s sake. As a rule of thumb, there shouldn’t be more than 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10cm) of space when you pull the shirt lightly out from your chest or abdomen. At the same time there should be some space.

Shirt Fitting Tip #4: Shirt Length

If the shirt is to be tucked in, it should be long enough that the shirt does not become un-tucked during movement, like raising of the arms.

If the shirt is meant to be un-tucked then it should be long enough so that movements such as raising your arms won’t reveal any skin but not too long (any longer than the bottom of the zipper of the pants is too long).

Shirt Fitting Tip #5: Sleeve Tightness

The sleeves should be loose enough that there is a reasonable range of motion and allow air flow. If it is showing the shape of your arm it is probably too tight. But it shouldn’t be too loose either for risk of having that billowy look.


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  • David Linder