You Don’t Have to Rich to be Fashionable


Dan Bilzerian Clothing: What the King of Instagram Can Get Away with that You Can’t

Whatever you want to say about Dan Bilzerian (aka the King of Instagram aka Blitz) there is no denying that he is well off & confident and he shows it! Not just in the way he flashes about money and women - but also in his fashion “accessories”.

Dan Bilzerian clothing isn’t always a thing of fashion - cargo pants and a plain t-shirt being his stock and trade, and then the other end of the scale with some out-there stuff.

But, he also has his expensive overpriced suits (try $40,000), and $800,000 watch (seriously?).

You Don’t Have to Rich to be Fashionable

When your name is Dan Bilzerian, clothing can be the highest priced designer items money can buy - if that’s what you’re after. But if you’re like most people, those types of clothing can be out of reach - but when you buy right you can still have great style and not break the bank. The funny thing is, check out Dan Bilzerian famous instagram account, what no one ever noticed is what he is wearing, even if it is crazy expensive. So that just goes to show, you can spend £50,000 on an outfit, and on one will ever notice you.You can be fashionable and look good, without breaking the bank.

Fashion is Affordable

If you do it right and shop in the right places you can find all of the latest fashions and get it for a good price - even if your net worth is only £100!

Dan Bilzerian claims that you don’t necessarily have to be fashionable to be successful with women - it’s more about confidence and being yourself and not giving a toss.

Whilst confidence and being yourself are definitely important, a well thought out wardrobe can also make or break that first meeting - even if it’s just to get her attention in the first place.

If you are a professional poker player with a net worth of $100 million dollars then fashion probably won’t make much difference! - but if you’re not, then your style can be a big part in helping your confidence and your success with women.


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  • David Linder