What Is a Shoe Tree and Why Should I Use One?


What Is a Shoe Tree and Why Should I Use One?

You may or may not have heard of the term and you may or may not have any idea what one is. So, just what is a shoe tree and why would I want one?

Shoe Tree Definition

A shoe tree is a wooden or plastic device that goes inside your shoe to keep the shoes shape.

The devices come in many varieties but typically have a toe piece that is attached to a metal bar and a spring - and a heel piece on the other end. When placed in the shoe the spring pushes the wooden pieces against the toe and the heel of the shoe to hold it in place.

Why Would You Want One of These?        

What the shoe tree does is keeps the shoe in great condition for longer. It does this in a couple of ways.

Firstly, it helps the shoe to hold its shape for years to help keep the original shoe’s looks. Secondly it prevents the shoe from creasing. When shoes crease they tend to deteriorate quicker - in addition to looking untidy.

They don’t tend to be too expensive (£15-£30) depending on the type you get and the brand and can add years to the life of your shoes.

Why Wouldn’t You Need a Shoe Tree?

Of course you don’t need a shoe tree for every pair of shoes. If the shoe tree costs more than the shoes then it doesn’t make sense to use a shoe tree.

Also, if your shoes get a lot of use then there wouldn’t be a lot of point in prolonging the life of the shoe if the soles were going to wear out first anyway!

In general a shoe tree is best for your more formal and pricier shoes, or your favourite pair of shoes that you really want to last.

It’s probably not worth it for your cheap wear around the house shoes or your sports shoes which are likely to wear out on the sole first anyway.

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  • David Linder