Comfortable is Confident - Best Fit for Fashion Success


Comfortable is Confident - Best Fit for Fashion Success

When it comes to fashion it is pretty much always the case that when you are comfortable you are confident.

This is both a physical comfort and a psychological comfort.

Physical Comfort

Now, when I say you should be comfortable this doesn’t mean that you should wear your baggiest sweatpants and your holy, three-sizes-too-big tie-died hippy t-shirt outside of the house.

This will not inspire confidence in the psychological sense - what it will do is be a put off for the ladies.

But you also don’t want anything that is going to make you noticeably physically uncomfortable either. Too tight trousers or pants that restrict movement is not comfortable (and won’t look appealing) and you won’t feel confident walking around like that.

Similarly a too tight shirt that is digging into your armpits, restricting breathing or restricting your range of motion will make you uncomfortable.

As a rule of thumb - if any discomfort is noticeable and it distracts you then your clothing isn’t comfortable enough and it may affect your confidence.

Psychological Comfort

Overly tight clothing is not just bad physically - if you are self conscious about wearing clothing that is too tight then don’t do it. If you are self conscious about jeans that show a little too much, a t shirt that shows a bit too much belly bulge or that rides up to show your belly any time you move your arms, just don’t wear it. You will be self conscious and it will show.

You shouldn’t go too baggy either - again for psychological reasons - if you don’t look sharp you aren’t likely to feel sharp.

Also be careful with your fashion choices in terms of extremes - if you are a super confident guy you may feel really confident in some more “out there” outfits. However, if you are like most people don’t be too far out there with your fashion choices, if they are going to make you self conscious. Go with something that you feel comfortable wearing.

Be fashionable in your clothing choice but make sure you do it in a way that is comfortable both physically and mentally. If you are comfortable you are more likely to be confident - and if there’s one thing that doesn’t ever go out of fashion, that’s confidence.      

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  • David Linder