What to Wear with Hoodies


What to Wear with Hoodies

Hoodies are here to stay. They’ve been around for yonks and they aren’t going anywhere. They have become an essential piece of any fashion conscious man’s arsenal and aren’t just for gangsters and teenagers.

The real question is, what to wear with hoodies? They have become very versatile and can be worn in a number of ways.

Neutral Coloured Hoodie

Neutral coloured hoodies - grey, white or black for instance - go great with a patterned shirt. The neutral colour pattern of the hoodie compliments, and tones down, the shirt. Worn with something like blue jeans this gives a great layered look.

This works best with a zippered hoodie but can also work with an non zippered or side zippered hoodie with a tasteful amount of the shirt showing below the bottom of the hoodie. Check this link for an example.

Jacket over Hoodie

Another great layered look is wearing a jacket over a hoodie.

Just be careful with the patterns and colours of the hoodie and the jacket so they don’t clash or look too busy. The suit jacket and hoodie has been a bit overdone too, so also be careful with the selection of the type of jacket.

A zippered or a non zippered hoodie works here.

This Military Style Jacket would go great with a hoodie.

Coloured and Patterned Hoodies

If you want to go with just the hoodie and forget the layering then going with some coloured and patterned options is a good way to go to keep it interesting.

Hoodies are great for that sporty or casual look and colourful/patterned hoodies will go great with jeans especially.

There are heaps options for things to wear with your hoodie and different ways to wear them. They are great for warmth but are also a must have fashion item.

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  • David Linder