Why Men Should Not Wear Skinny Jeans


Why Men Should Not Wear Skinny Jeans

Few men can get away with skinny jeans. In fact it’s a trend that, rightfully, came and went pretty quickly. Still hanging on to your skinny jeans? Read on to see why men should not wear skinny jeans to see if we can bring you into 2015.

Skinny Jeans Cause Health Issues

Wearing tight fitting skinny jeans can lead to urinary tract infections, low sperm counts, bladder weaknesses and even fungal infections.

That’s not cool - thankfully these days it’s not fashionable to wear these monstrosities so you don’t have to undergo the ill health effects of these once trendy eyesores.


They just ain’t comfortable. Let’s face it, you might be willing to make sacrifices for fashion and that’s fine but you want your boys to have some room down there. Mercifully, it’s not necessary to sacrifice comfort for wearing these restrictive jeans anymore.


Walking like the tin man just isn’t sexy. No women likes a guy who looks unnatural walking. Free yourself from these walk-hating nut huggers.

Skinny Legs Made Worse

Got skinny legs? Want to make them look worse? Wear skinny jeans. Enough said!

No Storage Space

Where can your keys go in these things - and your wallet & phone? Next thing you know you’ll be walking around with a purse!

Difficulty of Removal

So you’ve found the one women left on the planet that still digs skinny jeans and she has agreed to come back to your place to see what she can’t already (which doesn’t leave much). Now comes the embarrassing and awkward part of getting those skinny jeans off.

That’s not to mention getting them on in the first place!

What’s the Answer?

Stop wearing skinny jeans! But seriously, fashion these days is kinder on the gentleman parts and on those seeing gentleman in jeans.  

Thankfully things haven’t resorted to too baggy but have found that nice medium of style and comfort. We live in wonderful times for jean wearing men!

Check out the Jeans at the link below and I think this will finally turn you if you are still holding on to the 2008 skinny jeans phenomena.

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