How to Wear High Tops


How to Wear High Tops

High tops can be difficult to pull off if you don’t do it right. So below are a few tips on how to wear high tops to get the best out of them.

You need to pay attention to colour, size and what you wear them with (we suggest wearing something with them or you may end up with a trip to the cells!).


Understated is best here. Keeping the shoe predominantly one colour (with some black or white if not already black or white) will not only stop them from looking like you’ve just stepped out of the 80’s, but will also mean that it is easier to go with more trouser options.

Best way to go is Black, Brown or White but if you do choose a colour make it one colour (with black or white to accentuate.


You not only want the right size comfort-wise, you also want the right size so that your high tops look right. If you get them too big they risk looking like clown shoes. Going half a size too small is better than half a size too big in the high top arena.

What You Wear With Them

The most important item here is the trousers as they are the closest clothing to the shoes. If you have picked something in a neutral colour then this shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off.

Jeans (black or blue go especially well) with high tops and rolling them up to just above the top of the shoe will help to accentuate the shoe.

Mean Thread’s High Top Collection

There are a couple of options within the Mean Thread’s collection for high tops.

Check out these High Top Shoes

Or you could go with adjustable high top shoes so you have the choice to go low or high.

Check out the adjustable high tops  

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  • David Linder