How To Extend Smartphone Battery Life - The Smartphone’s Main Downside


How To Extend Smartphone Battery Life - The Smartphone’s Main Downside

The biggest downside of the modern Smartphone is the battery life. Gone are the days of your cell phone lasting the week, or at least a few days. More often than not we are forced to recharge once a day or once every two days.

This means that often we run out of battery at some inopportune times. Below you will find a great way to extend Smartphone battery life and have the use of your phone when you need it.

When You Need it Most

In this day and age many of us have come to rely on Smartphones in our daily lives. And this convenience does make life easier and increase our opportunities.

Looking for directions on the fly? - I know I rely on the GPS function in my phone to direct me to places I want to go. I have also experienced over and over again, that frustrating situation when you really need that function, but your phone has gone dead.

Another frustrating situation is when you are just about to take that shot of the awesome sunset, when you mate is in some hilarious pose - or the perfect selfie opportunity arises - but alas your phone has no battery left and the moment is lost.

What’s the Solution

Smartphone batteries will probably last longer at some stage - but that doesn’t help now. So what you need is a portable power source so you can recharge on the fly.

This is possible and there are devices that allow you to recharge your phone with a simple portable charger that you can carry with you anywhere.

The best one I have seen is the 3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Handwarmer. It’s small and light making it very portable and is designed to recharge any Smartphone.

And just as a bonus it also doubles as a hand warmer and a torch. We have it at Mean Threads and if you’d like to learn more about it click the link below.

>>The 3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Hand Warmer


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  • David Linder