Are Luxury Watch Prices Justified?


Are Luxury Watch Prices Justified?

Short answer - no way!

Luxury watch prices are in no way indicative of their value. You are basically paying a whole lot of money for the branding or the “prestige” and “status” associated with them.

Quality of Materials?

Are they made from better quality materials than your standard cheap watch? Yes, absolutely, but the cost of those better quality materials is no where near relative to the exorbitant prices that they mark them up to.

You can pay thousands for a watch that would cost a tiny fraction of that for them to make.

The most important thing is that there are watches you can get that will cost a lot less than some of those so called “luxury” watches but have the same or a similar quality of materials and can look just as good.

How Do They Justify these Prices and Why Do People Still Buy Them?

The prices are usually justified by claiming higher quality materials and a more stylish elegant design - and that they are selling status.

The reason people still buy them is that they have been convinced that the watches are better quality and that by wearing them it says something about their social status. The big luxury watch companies invest heavily in marketing to convince people that the artificially high prices are worth what you pay for them.

Mean Thread’s Watch Collection

The Mean Thread’s watch collection offers highly fashionable watches made from quality materials - but at a tiny fraction of what you would pay for those watches marketed as “luxury” watches.

The majority of the watches come with a lifetime guarantee (for free) too, meaning if the watch breaks or become faulty, for any reason, and regardless of the cause, we will replace the watch for a brand new one, free of charge.

So no matter if you are looking for something sophisticated and elegant for those formal occasions or that sporty watch that needs to be tough, the Mean Threads Watch Collection has you covered - and all at unbelievable prices.

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  • David Linder