White Trousers are the Next Big Thing for 2015


White Trousers are the Next Big Thing for 2015

That’s right white trousers are the next big thing this year.

They’re not just for sailors these days - and can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

But there is a right and wrong way to do white pants that you should watch out for, and there are right and wrong types of white pants. A lot of mean are afraid to wear white because they may get dirty too easily or they don’t know how to wear them.

The Wrong Way

Don’t pair your white pants with a white shirt. You don’t want to look like you are starting a cult. Plus you want to take advantage of white’s neutrality. Like black, white goes with a large variety of colours and patterns.

Don’t wear white pants to a job interview! Unless you are applying at a company that really looks outside the box and you don’t want to come across as too square. If in doubt don’t wear white pants to an interview.

The Right Way

Fit: Fit is all important if you are going to pull off white trousers. Too loose of a fit and white pants will look sloppy. On the other hand if you get them too tight…well no one wants to see you in too tight white trousers!

What to wear them With: As mentioned above white is a neutral colour so has a great many options to go with it. This goes for your shirts, jackets and your shoes.

They can also be worn for semi-formal things, and work especially well for any occasions that call for smart casual.

You’ve still got the keeping them clean thing to worry about but you have no other excuses for not following the next big thing in men’s fashion.

Still not convinced that white trousers are a great fashion addition? Check out the trousers on the link below and you might think otherwise. These things ooze style!

>>Check out these Trendy White Trousers

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  • David Linder