The Best Time to Buy Coats - When is the best time to buy coats?


The Best Time to Buy Coats

When is the best time to buy coats?

You might be thinking that the answer to this is just before winter starts. Or maybe you are onto it and can guess that that’s really the worst time.

The Disadvantages of Waiting until Next Winter

The problem with waiting until just before winter to purchase your new coat is that this is the time when it becomes urgent. And if it is urgent then it is going to be the time when the coat costs the most.

The actual best time to buy your winter coat is January. Why? Because that’s when everything is on sale. You can find yourself a much better deal in January than at any other time of the year as stores are looking to get rid of left over stock.

Mean Threads Sale Now On

Mean Threads is no exception to this. Right now we are having a sale on ALL of our coats. What’s most amazing about this is that our coats are already roughly half the price of high street stores.

Seriously, check out some of our coats at the link below - you won’t believe some these prices!

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Why a Good Coat is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

A good quality coat is really important. And it should be seen as an investment. This is something that will last you years and years if you make the right choice.

The primary reason you want a coat is to keep you warm - but you want it to be fashionable and durable too. So it’s important to think about it to make the right choice. A good quality coat will last years, so try and choose something that is timeless so that a few years down the track it will still look current.

But don’t skimp on warmth - you need it to do its primary job of course.

The coat is one area where you shouldn’t skimp on cost either. In fact, buying cheap coats is like a false economy. They wear out easily and go out of fashion super fast. So you’ll have to replace it far more often, costing you more in the long run.

Check out the link below for the ultimate in winter warmth that has a timeless fashion that will still look great and in fashion even years down the line. And since it’s currently on sale, you won’t even have to make that much of a monetary investment.

Duck Down Parka Jacket



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